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Programmes Categories

Radio is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome.


Political Programme

Our Political Programme Provide more enlightment on political agender and also been linked to the success of the rise of political parties and their ability to get their ideas on the agenda.


Social Programme

We have organised a social programme, which will help students to meet new people and make lifelong friends. It also gives them the chance to relax and socialise with their fellow students.


Entertainment Programme

Entertainment segments can provide some light fun to you. These shows can include stand-up comedy clips, funny reviews, call-in quizzes, and fun competitions for your listeners. These segments could serve as an entertaining change of pace between music and talk segments.


Educative Programme

Radio had been used in education for a period of more than 80 years. It has in that time been used in many various ways. Its uses comprise school broadcasting, informal general education, social action programming and adult basic education and literacy.


Religious Programme

Religious Programme is the dissemination of radio content that intentionally has religious ideas, religious experience, or religious practice as its core focus. In some countries, religious broadcasting developed primarily within the context of public service provision.


Talk Programmes

This is termed straight forward talk, the interview and discussion. A talk programme ranges from a one minute contribution, to a magazine programme, to one hour interview programme which are audience participatory in nature. The purpose of the talk programme may be to inform, to educate or simply to entertain. The best talk programme is a chat built on one subject.


Radio Dramas Programmes

Radio Dramas refers to programming that consists of stories, comedies, musicals, and more, that rely on dialogue and sound effects to tell a story. Radio dramas, depending on your demographic, remain a great way of entertaining your listeners every once in a while.


Radio Advertising

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